On this site you will find a forum for the TV show Mayday or Air Crash Investigation discussing all alspects of the show. As well, there is a wiki for aviation terminology mostly relating to the commercial pilot licence in Canada.

This website runs off of a PowerPC G4 Mac Mini in my house. It has been overclocked to 1.42Ghz with 1Gb RAM.

I went to the University of Regina for two years. I have my commercial pilots licence with multi engine and seaplane endorsements. My favorite colour is dark green. My hobbies and interests are: airplanes, computers, downhill skiing, listening to music, hanging out with friends. I am employed at the fine establishment of London Drugs as a stock personal/cashier. I am an owner of Westjet and Afexa Life Sciences (makes Cold FX®). I drive a 1998 Toyota Camry XLE V6.