Network Specifications

  • This server is a Apple Mac Mini G4 1.25ghz overclocked to 1.42ghz, 1gb RAM, and 40gb hard drive.
  • The backup webserver is an AMD Athlon 650mhz, 320mb RAM, 80gb hard drive and is on battery backup.
  • The laptop has an AMD XP-M 2200+ processor with 512mb RAM, 80gb hard drive.
  • The other laptop has an AMD Sempron 3000+ processor with 1gb RAM, 120gb hard drive.
  • The desktop has Intel Pentium 4 2.66ghz processor with 1gb RAM, and a 120gb hard drive.
  • The linux workstation is a Pentium 100mhz with 40mb RAM and a 1.2gb hard drive. It is running Damn Small Linux.  -This system has since been pulled offline.

  • Router 1 is a Linksys WRT54GL V1.1 running Tomato firmware.
  • Router 2 is a Microsoft MN100 with 4 ethernet ports.
  • Router 2 is an SMC 2804wbr with a 4db antenna and a 2db antenna and 4 ethernet ports.
  • Access Point is a Dlink DI-524 wirth a 7db antenna and 4 ethernet ports.
  • Switch is an SMC EZ6508TX with 8 ethernet ports and 3.2gbps aggregate bandwidth.  -This switch failed and was replaced by the Linksys
  • Switch is a Linksys EZXS88W with 8 ethernet ports and 356kb buffer and 1.6gbps bandwidth.
  • Access Point 2 wireless is a TrendNet TEW-452BRP with a 2db antenna and 4 ports.
  • Hub is a Network Everywhere 10/100 auto sensing with 5 ethernet ports and an uplink port.
  • Cable Modem is an SMC 8004CM.
  • The modem, hub, router 1, NAS, and switch are on battery backup as well.

  • Hard Drive is a Maxtor Shared Storage Plus 250gb NAS.
  • Media Player is a Dlink DSM-320 hooked up to the TV. The files are served from the NAS.
  • Printer 1 is a Brother MFC-420CN. It can fax, scan, copy, and printer throughout the network.
  • Printer 2 is a HP Deskjet 5550 that is shared over the network.

Network Diagram

All network connections are 100mbps full duplex.

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